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A Night of Culinary Delights and Community Connection: At the North Market Apron Gala

This weekend, Kaela Rae Vance LPCCS had the pleasure of attending the highly anticipated North Market Downtown Apron Gala in Columbus, Ohio. Accompanied by her good friend, Dr. Jessica Finley of Sozo Family Chiropractic, Kaela was thrilled to be part of this vibrant celebration of local food and community.

As a Clinical Counselor with a passion for helping individuals navigate grief and trauma, Kaela understands the importance of community support and shared experiences. The North Market, with its rich history and diverse offerings, serves as a beacon of resilience and success in the heart of Columbus. By attending and sponsoring the Apron Gala, Kaela aimed to show her support for the North Market and its mission of promoting local businesses and making fresh, local food accessible to all.

Kaela's commitment to holistic counseling aligns perfectly with the North Market's values. She believes that healing encompasses not only addressing emotional and mental well-being, but also nurturing the body and engaging with the community. The Apron Gala embodies these principles by providing a platform for local merchants to showcase their culinary talents and fostering a sense of togetherness among attendees.

The 2023 Apron Gala did not disappoint. Set against the backdrop of the historic market, the event was a feast for the senses. Attendees enjoyed live music, delicious food and drinks, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share a love for Columbus and its culinary scene. The three-course dining experience was a testament to the talent and creativity of the North Market's merchants.

Beyond the festivities, Kaela recognized the importance of the funds raised during the Apron Gala. The proceeds directly contribute to the preservation and renewal of the North Market, ensuring that this cherished institution can continue to serve the community for generations to come. Additionally, the funds support the growth and development of local small businesses, allowing them to thrive within the market's supportive environment.

Enjoy these photos from the Gala:


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