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Adolescents & Teens Therapy

Treating Adolescents & Teens

Mental Health in Adolescents & Teens:

One in six people are aged 10-19 years. Adolescence is a unique and formative time. Adolescents with mental health conditions are particularly vulnerable to social exclusion, discrimination, stigma (affecting readiness to seek help), educational difficulties, risk-taking behaviors, physical ill-health and human rights violations. The consequences of failing to address adolescent mental health conditions extend to adulthood, impairing both physical and mental health and limiting opportunities to lead fulfilling lives as adults. Globally, one in seven 10-19-year-olds experiences a mental disorder, accounting for 13% of the global burden of disease in this age group. Sometimes AnxietyDepressionTraumaGrief, or PTSD can be at the root of turbulence in an adolescent/teen's life, we can help! Addressing these important health concerns is of the utmost importance to maintain a healthy adolescence.

How does Kaela treat adolescents and teens at her office in Dublin, Ohio?

Teens display their emotions, anxiety, fear, and shame differently than adults. It can be difficult as a parent to know what to do. We help adolescents struggling with relationship and family issues – parents, siblings, friends, and love interests – as well as well as coping with change, loss or death, and worry. We help adolescents discover a healthy sense of self, body image, and self-esteem issue. We will help your teenagers learn to make better choices and express themselves in healthier ways.

More about Kaela's treatment style:

A teenager needs guidance and a trusted teacher to ensure that they eat, exercise, focus on school, and have a healthy social life, with the right friends and peers. If they are not behaving properly, we can help you guide your teenager onto the right path.

At Kaela's office, conveniently located at Teal Saguaro Wellness, Inc in Dublin, on the North West Columbus, we take our patient's health seriously! We offer a holistic perspective to patient's mental health, that is often integrates not only a variety of therapy approaches, but also considers a patient's physical wellness. We recognize that taking a medication as a quick fix to reduce symptoms does not address what's causing those symptoms. As such, in addition to counseling - after we meet with our patients and get an idea of what specific concerns they have and what their lifestyle is like - we may refer patients to nutritional consultants, wellness experts, chiropractors, psychiatrists, or other medical specialists as appropriate.

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