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Therapy Near Delaware, Ohio

What Therapy Services We Offer Near Delaware:


Kaela works with patients throughout the Greater Columbus Area, including Delaware, to treat and overcome a variety of concerns related to their mental health, including:

To Whom Can We Provide Therapy Services Near Delaware?

These feelings can become overwhelming at times, and its important to seek professional help when one becomes consumed by these emotions and it begins to affect their ability to live life peacefully, and here's who we can help:

Therapy Services Conveniently Located Near Delaware, Ohio:

Kaela's office is located within Teal Saguaro Wellness, Inc, a practice serving Central Ohio and surrounding areas, including Delaware, Ohio. Regardless of where you're located in Ohio, however, Kaela can help! It’s easy to schedule an appointment, just call 614-647-HELP.

What's Your Next Step for Accessing Therapy Services Near Delaware, Ohio?

At her office, located within Teal Saguaro Wellness, Inc, Kaela offers a Free, No-Obligation 15 Minute Phone Consultation: Kaela offers new clients a free 15 minute consultation to meet one another, briefly discuss client concerns, and determine if Kaela is able to offer the therapy services the client requires. New clients can schedule their initial consultation by calling 614-647-HELP or emailing

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