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Today I will be reading "A Little Spot of Sadness" by Diane Alber...

Today, for Therapy Book Thursday, I am reading "A Little Spot of Sadness: A Story About Empathy and Compassion" written and illustrated by Diane Alber.

"Sadness happens for many reasons. It can happen when a child misses a loved one, loses a favorite toy or gets hurt. This story shows a child how to visual their sadness as a SADNESS SPOT so that they can control it better. It walks them through several situations and offers guidance on how to help manage a SADNESS SPOT when it gets TOO BIG or stays for TOO LONG. It also shows how to help others with their SADNESS SPOT, too! It teaches EMPATHY, COMPASSION, FRIENDSHIP and much more!"

You can find more information about the author, as well as purchase her books and other resources at:

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