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Kaela Vance Joins Destination Hilliard Halloween Haunt to Promote Mental Health Awareness

In the enchanting streets of Old Hilliard, where the spirit of Halloween reigns supreme, something special is brewing this October 28th. Destination Hilliard is set to host its annual Halloween Haunt, a beloved trick-or-treat-style event that brings the community together.

Local businesses will transform the quaint streets into a fun-filled adventure for kids, offering activities and sweet treats along the way. Amidst the festivities, Kaela Rae Vance LPCCS, is using this opportunity to shed light on a vital, yet often overlooked topic - mental health awareness.

Kaela Vance, a licensed professional clinical counselor supervisor, is no stranger to advocating for mental health. She has participated and been a sponsor of numerous community events throughout the year to help raise awareness - Scioto Township Fire Department Golf Outing, North market Apron Gala, and the City of Dublin July 4th Celebrations, just to name a few.

This Halloween season, she is also participating in the Hilliard Chamber of Commerce Scarecrow Spooktacular, where her unique Scarecrow Therapy display seeks to break the stigma surrounding mental health.

This year, Kaela extends her advocacy to the Destination Hilliard Halloween Haunt, aligning her efforts with the broader community celebration.

On October 28th, children and families will embark on a whimsical journey through Old Hilliard, visiting local businesses that have prepared delightful activities and, of course, treats. Among the participating establishments, the Chase Bank on Main Street will stand out with Kaela's Scarecrow Spooktacular display, where Kaela will be engaging with the community and passing out fun treats for the kids.

Kaela's participation in both the Destination Hilliard Halloween Haunt and the Hilliard Chamber of Commerce Scarecrow Spooktacular exemplifies her dedication to fostering a more empathetic and supportive community.

Mental health, often shrouded in silence, is a topic that needs open dialogue and understanding. By being present at these events, Kaela hopes to bridge the gap between the spooky festivities of Halloween and the very real struggles that people face with their mental well-being.

While the Halloween Haunt promises a day filled with costumes, candy, and laughter, it's also an opportunity for Kaela and the community to work together in raising awareness about mental health. By sharing treats and conversations, Kaela aims to remind everyone that behind the masks and costumes are real people with real feelings. Together with Destination Hilliard, she encourages parents and children alike to embrace the spirit of Halloween and the spirit of empathy.

As we eagerly await the Destination Hilliard Halloween Haunt on October 28th, let's remember that it's not just about the treats we receive but also the conversations we can start. Kaela Vance's dual involvement in these community events signifies her commitment to ensuring that mental health awareness remains at the forefront of our collective consciousness. Join us on this exciting day, where spooks, sweets, and support will come together to create a memorable experience for all.


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