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Kaela Rae Vance LPCCS Shone a Light on Mental Health Awareness at Halloween Haunt

As the crisp autumn air swept through the enchanting streets of Old Hilliard, Halloween enthusiasts eagerly prepared for a night of fun and frights. On October 28th, Destination Hilliard hosted its annual Halloween Haunt, a beloved community event that brought together local businesses, families, and friends. Among the laughter, costumes, and sweet treats, Kaela Rae Vance, LPCCS, seized the opportunity to shed light on a topic that deserves more attention - mental health awareness.

A Spooktacular Event

Destination Hilliard's Halloween Haunt had become a cherished tradition in the heart of Old Hilliard. Each year, local businesses came together to transform the charming streets into a Halloween wonderland. Families and friends came from all around to experience the magic of the season. The event was a delightful mix of spooky decorations, creative costumes, and an abundance of treats and activities for kids.

Local businesses went all out to create a unique and enjoyable experience for attendees. The Halloween Haunt had something for everyone. The community spirit was palpable as children and adults alike reveled in the enchanting atmosphere.

Kaela Rae Vance's Inspiring Initiative

Amidst the bustling streets and Halloween revelry, Kaela Rae Vance, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Supervisor (LPCCS), seized the opportunity to address a pressing issue - mental health awareness. While Halloween was a time for fun and celebration, she recognized that not everyone is in high spirits during the holiday seasons. Many individuals struggle with mental health challenges, and Kaela Rae Vance saw that this festive event could be a platform to offer awareness and support within the community.

Breaking the Stigma

One of the biggest obstacles to addressing mental health issues is the stigma that surrounds them. People are often afraid to talk about their feelings or seek help due to fear of judgment or misunderstanding. Kaela's presence at the Halloween Haunt was a crucial step in breaking down those barriers within the community.

Community Support

Kaela's initiative was met with overwhelming support from the community. Destination Hilliard also played a vital role in promoting mental health awareness during the Halloween Haunt. By allowing Kaela to set up her booth and actively encouraging conversations around mental health, they demonstrated their commitment to the well-being of the community.

Embracing Mental Well-Being in the Heart of Halloween Haunt

In the midst of the Halloween excitement at Old Hilliard's annual Halloween Haunt, Kaela Rae Vance, LPCCS, used the platform to shine a light on a topic that deserves more attention - mental health awareness.

Her efforts reminded us that mental health is a vital aspect of our overall well-being, and it's important to prioritize it, even during times of celebration. Kaela Rae Vance's participation in the Halloween Haunt served as a beacon of hope, breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging individuals to seek help when needed.

As we reveled in the spirit of Halloween, we were reminded of the importance of supporting one another in our mental health journeys. Kaela's initiative reminded us that we are not alone and that there is help and support available for those who need it.


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