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Getting outdoors, even in the cold...

I’ll say it again… get our and enjoy nature… get out and improve your health!

As I have previously shared, numerous studies have found through both correlational and experimental research that interacting with nature can help calm our busy brains. That's right, our brains need rest, even when we're physically awake! Exposure to nature has been linked to improved attention, lower stress, better mood, and more.

In the winter, it’s really easy to just want to barricade yourself into your home, cuddle up in a warm blanket, and watch movies all day. Trust me, I get it! And there’s lots to say about just relaxing like that. However, humans need to share a connection with nature, it helps heal the mind and the body.

When the snow falls, at our home that signals sledding time! The kids brains are getting a break from the high paced and high stressed lifestyle we largely unavoidably live on a day-to-day basis.

But they're simultaneously getting a chance to exercise their brains in a healthy way - physically touching the snow and steer their sled down a hill.

Beyond the break from the normal daily overstimulation and the different from normal mental exercise, there's the spiritual connection that occurs in nature. There's regaining of perspective that occurs in nature. And even at the simplest level, there's the fresh air that you can inhale into your body that occurs out in nature. There's soo many more facets of being out in nature that can play an amazing role in improving your health.

Although it’s winter, there's plenty of opportunities to get outside. We have plenty of mild weather days throughout the winter, and even the more inclement days can be fun too.

So get out there and reap the benefits of some outdoor time!


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