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How to set clear work boundaries — and stick to them...

"Work isn’t who we are, not even if we love our jobs — there’s more to us than that. "

"Work boundaries help safeguard our time, our energy and our purpose and how fulfilled we feel. Some work boundaries are functional and clear, while others are more intangible and flexible. For example, at some point we absolutely need to get some sleep and there are boundaries in place to ensure that happens."

"Now having clear boundaries doesn’t mean that we won’t think about work when we’re not working or that we won’t think about personal stuff during work time. We don’t have switches in our heads that help us to turn off who we are or what we’ve got going on."

"Instead, boundaries encourage us to have dedicated work time and dedicated time to recharge. There should be a palpable mind shift, the lifting of the weight of workplace responsibility, and a sense that we’re done for the day."

Here’s how we can start to establish work boundaries and stick to them:


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